Mint Self Storage buys back 100% of your unused boxes and moving supplies.

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Boxes Starting from $1.00 


Let Mint Self Storage's friendly informative staff help reduce stress and stay organized while moving and packing. Mint Self Storage sells all the packing supplies you need to store and transport your belongings safely. Stop into our office today to view our various sized boxes, furniture covers, packing tape and more!

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Moving Kits From $39.50

At Mint Self Storage you have access to everything you need to pack and move. We offer moving kits for everyone, from bachelor suites to 5 bedroom houses. Looking to declutter we offer small to large packing kits as well. 

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Covers & Wraps From $6.99

Here at Mint Self Storage we have every size of bubble wrap, foam wrap and furniture cover you will need to make sure your items are protected during your move. We also offer Dust covers, comforter bags, foam T.V. covers, picture pouches and dish & glassware kits.   

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Accessories From $0.99

Mint Self Storage gives you access to everything you need to make sure your move is organized from box labels, markers, tape, wrap and exacto knifes